IAE Alumni UK is a community aiming at:
– Developing and maintaining the network between the IAE Alumni community in the UK through social events,
– Facilitating the connection of IAE Alumni in the UK to extend our professional network
– Assisting in the orientation and integration of IAE Alumni newcomers in the UK

What is this community for?

  • MAINTAIN our community of IAE alumni in the UK
  • SUPPORT each other professionally in a friendly manner
  • NETWORK, extend our reach via simple contacts and events
  • MEET new great people in the UK


This UK network has been launched in London back in 2010 – thanks to alumni Thomas Dortel and Magali Guth.

We are now hoping to keep track of our community in the UK and make it useful to all of us as former IAE alumni living abroad.
In 2016, our database has now nearly 200 members.
There are no fees to attend our events (but you still have to pay for your dinner/drinks!)


An email newsletter is regularly sent to members.
When you receive an email from us, please make sure you update your details (contact, job, IAE, year of graduation).
Please also make sure you unsubscribe from our database if you left the UK.


A LinkedIn group is available to IAE Alumni in the UK, join us!